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Restaurant of the Month: 400 Gradi

June 7, 2019

Can you please tell us a little bit on the history of 400 Gradi and where you are today?

We opened our first 400 Gradi store in Brunswick, back in 2008. Prior to this, I spent a lot of time in Italy learning the tricks of the trade and all the hidden secrets involved in mastering the perfect Neapolitan pizza. Fast-forward to 2019 and we now proudly have five restaurants in Melbourne, one across the border in Adelaide, four locations overseas and a restaurant on board a P&O cruise ship.

Give us a little insight to the dining experience at 400 Gradi?

We offer a true Italian dining experience across each location. When guests dine in, we want everyone to feel as though they are eating like any true Italian would – the Napoli way. Each restaurant fuses a contemporary design with a warm, Italian atmosphere, providing guests with a beautiful, relaxed space enabling them to savour the aromatic and flavourful dishes.

What Is the most rewarding thing about your role?

Without a doubt the most rewarding part of my career is being able to share my love and passion for Neapolitan pizza, and true Italian eating with the world. I love embracing new challenges and experimenting with extraordinary tastes and ingredients, to create a dish that I know my customers will love and remember.

How important is it to work with fresh quality produce?

Using fresh produce is the epitome of traditional, Neapolitan dishes. Without top quality ingredients, 400 Gradi would not be what we are known for today, and our valued customers wouldn’t keep walking through the door! I am an avid believer in quality over quantity, and that less is more.

If you had to describe Morco’s service in three words what would it be?

Morco’s service is top-quality, original and reliable

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Is there room for development in your industry?

The Gradi Group has experienced a significant increase within the last few years, and the momentum is only growing which is very exciting. We have recently expanded to Adelaide and will soon be opening in Dallas, Texas later on in the year, and with more locations on the horizon both domestically and internationally. The idea of launching more success stories with our stores over the coming years would be a dream come true. We will of course continue to impress our customers with fresh menu additions, as well as instilling nostalgia through classic dishes and further enhancing old favourites.

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