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December 18, 2018

Supplier Testimonial

At dnata catering, we pride ourselves on working with suppliers who share the same common values as we do; service excellence, delighting customers, imagination, innovation and respect.

In our quest to give recognition to these suppliers, we recently launched a Strategic Supplier Partnership program, and are proud to announce Morco Fresh as the first recipient of this title.

Having worked with Morco for many years, we have a long standing and positive working relationship. From humble beginnings as enterprising businesses, we have provided invaluable support to one another. With the common goal of business success, we have worked collectively to become the large-scale businesses that we are today.

Australia’s fresh produce supplier, Morco provides competitive pricing with high quality products and services. Our recent tender process proved that after many years of working together, Morco still remains our best and most suitable supplier for our fresh produce needs.

With local customer service staff based in the cities in which we operate and a national network of growers, we are guaranteed exceptional customer service. Providing a high level of attention to detail to our specific requirements, Morco tailors solutions to suit our needs and consistently provides quick responses to any market issues and discrepancies. The pace at which they react to any issue, investigate and report back with findings, is second to none.

With a commitment to innovation, environmental sustainability and the support they provide to local Australian farmers, Morco is invariably worthy of the recognition as our first Strategic Supplier Partner.

We are proud to work with Morco now and into the future.

Rodney Marshall
Head of Pricing, Procurement & Culinary

Australia's fresh produce supplier
Morco fresh is a national supplier with a vast network of growers across the country