Awarded Supplier of the Year! - Morco Fresh

Awarded Supplier of the Year!

January 5, 2018

In 2017, Morris Corporation awarded Morco Fresh the Supplier of the Year. Delivering a genuine and professional service Morco was grateful and honoured to receive this reputable award.

Executive Chairman Paul Moraitis was featured in the Morris Time news bulletin, he said “On behalf of Morco Fresh, we would like to sincerely thank the Morris management and staff for the award ‘Supplier of the year’. We are honoured to accept this award. To be considered for this award and winning was a dream come true for the Morco Fresh family. None of this could have been achieved without the help of our fantastic Morco Fresh team – from our office administration, our pickers and management. As a team we strive to consistently deliver constant supply, quality and a happy experience to all our Morris Sites. We are passionate about our industry and our customers. Morco Fresh is a family business built of family values and to win this award is very special to the whole of the Morco Fresh Business. We thank you and look forward to a long and happy business relationship into the future.”

Morris Corporation has 50 years’ experience in supplying quality remote village and asset management services to mining and construction sectors. Similar to Morco, Morris is an established service provider maintaining the highest standards no matter the conditions. In 2017 Morris acquired Sodexo. Sodexo develops, manages and delivers a diverse range of services designed to improve the quality of life to their clients and customers. We currently supply produce to over 20 Morris & Sodexo Sites nationally. We look forward to continuing to evolve and work closely with Morris & Sodexo in the years to come.

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