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January 16, 2019

Predicted Food Trends for 2019

As we step full force in the new year healthy fad diets and lifestyle choices are becoming common amongst Australians nationally. It is undeniable that the importance of a healthy lifestyle is continuing to rise along with the demand for consistently fresh produce. The role of fresh produce is to nourish the body with nutrients, consumed in different ways from detox teas, to green smoothies and the rise of ‘superfoods’

Based off the eating trends in 2018, it has been predicted that a large percentage of Australians will turn to plant-based diets, paleo and some even vegetarian. We will see individuals turning to gut health food and plant-based foods to enhance their overall wellbeing with the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables predicated to increase. There are numerous validations behind the benefits of a plant-based diet, but health is the most obvious as people are becoming more aware of the nutritional benefits of eating fruit and vegetables.

The whole food plant-based lifestyle can vary greatly depending of the extent to which an individual includes animal products into their diet. Simply, a plant-based diet is the consumption of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, legumes seeds and nuts with avoiding consumption of animal products and excluding processed foods. Many studies have validated that a plant-based lifestyle are effective for weight loss and your overall health, so it’s safe to say keep fuelling your body with nothing but the freshest fruit and vegetables.

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