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The Perfect Glow

November 2, 2018

Get that Super Glow

The original idea for Orange Glow begin not long after the introduction of Kent pumpkin when it was found that the processors for soup could not use this variety because of its green skin. It was also disappointed that even with the easy maturity indicators, the grower’s inability to pick fruit consistently when mature often resulted in poor quality fruit in the market place. Shaun Jackson, Director at Daintree fresh at the time was working for a major seed company, travelling the world looking for new varieties of vegetables.

In the search for a better colour and health attributes, he came across a variety being used in the Andes which showed outstanding colour and later under independent testing in Australia proved to show a sufficient increase in beta-carotene levels which today is now known as the “Orange Glow”

With years of selection and natural breeding, various attributes such as edible skin, small seed cavity resulting in more product, easier to cut, a firmer drier flesh, firm smooth texture with no stringiness and a great earthy pumpkin flavour has been achieved

Produced only in Australia commencing in Northern Australia through the Autumn, Winter and Spring and travelling down through Central Australia ending in East Queensland and Victoria for the summer months. This regional growing strategy has been implemented to ensure the highest quality produce growing in the right place at the right time.

Although its flesh consistency is much drier and firmer, the Orange Glow offers a much broader opportunity to be cultivated in the kitchen over other traditional pumpkin varieties. Best served by roasting or chipping, its attributes can also be expressed in a creamy pumpkin soup, creating not only a beautiful flavour but an amazing colour. With independent tests continuing at the University of NSW, it has proved that the Orange Glow has a low GI content when blended into a soup

Being the first Australian blend and Australian grown variety to hi the market in well over 20 years it has been developed as a healthy alternative which can be utilised over a wide range of recipes. It is the first natural super food to hit the Australian vegetable market this century.

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