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Generations of experience
It is our rich history that makes our quality service possible.

It was on a loading dock at the back of the Sydney Fish Markets in 2006, when our commitment to quality produce was first noticed by one discerning punter, who liked what he saw, and more importantly liked what he tasted.

From this moment, the Morco Fresh journey literally took off, as this encounter directly led to Alpha Flight Services and Emirates Airlines becoming our first customer.

And from those early days at the Sydney Fish Markets, Morco Fresh has now expanded across the country with cutting-edge facilities in capital cities throughout Australia.

But this rapid growth has not stopped our genuine, personal service and our commitment to customers and growers.

At Morco Fresh, quality service is in our DNA, with our family roots in the industry stretching back generations.

In fact, the family patriarch, Nicholas Moraitis’s connection to the industry goes back 50 years, and his two sons, Stephen and Paul, have been in the business of fruit and veg for over three decades.

It is this rich history that makes our quality service possible.

And while we are a company built on tradition, we are contemporary and innovative in everything we do.

Our past has bred our passion for produce, but our innovative processes have seen us become the future of food services in Australia.

A passion for fresh produce
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