Restaurant of the Month: Mr. Miyagi

June 28, 2019

Morco Fresh is a proud supplier of Mr. Miyagi in Mebourne. Mr. Miyagi captures a unique Japanese cuisine and experiments with traditional conventions. Sharing a passion for delicious fresh food, we are honoured to be able to work with the talent at Mr. Miyagi to enhance a casual yet fancy dining experience.

We caught up with Head Chef’s Kyle and Glen for a chat about the brand and how our supply partnership plays a part in their daily operations.

Can you please tell us a little bit on the history of Mr. Miyagi and where you are today?

Mr. Miyagi opened its doors in 2013 as a little restaurant in Windsor. In 2016, we almost doubled the size of the venue and added Yukie’s Snack Bar. We have taken the brand across Australia to many events and now have a catering company, M-Events. At the moment, the restaurant continues to thrive, the business continues to evolve and we continue to create more unique food and experiences.

Give us a little insight to the dining experience at Mr. Miyagi?

Mr. Miyagi is a modern, Japanese fusion venue with a focus on guest experience and top-quality food. Mr. M doesn’t provide a fine dining, sit down dinner, he provides a party. The dining experience is unique, our food is unique and we strive in every way to be extraordinary.

What is the most rewarding thing about your role?

Being able to teach, train and impart knowledge to our junior staff so they may grow to become the next generation of industry leaders.

How important is it to work with fresh quality produce?

Without the diverse flavour or fresh product, the cuisine we do would become flat, not hold its own in the market we have built and also become noticeable to our loyal customers. As chefs, we aim to maintain high standards and quality that we know our customers respect.

If you had to describe Morco’s service in three words what would it be?

Methodical, dutiful and orchestrated.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Is there room for development in your industry?

Within the next 5 years, we see an increase in the Mr. Miyagi company, having more young minds to teach and a wider reach of customers and locations that we can showcase Australia wide.

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