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Ronnie: 10 Years with Morco

February 6, 2019

Q and A

1. What is your role at Morco Fresh?

Currently my role is in inventory management our receivables process.

2. How did you first get involved in the Morco business and what positions have you evolved through?

Firstly, I began work in K shed packing Morco orders. With only four people packing, receiving, labelling and processing orders I found myself involved in all steps ensuring the customers were getting their orders. I then moved into a warehouse management role overseeing the operations, staff and orders. During this process I was also involved in the buying side of the business.

As the business grew and the warehouse grew I moved into a night shift where I was managing the packers and seeing all the orders being packed and moved out of the warehouse making sure the warehouse was tidy and up to date. Once the company moved to a larger location I began in the role of receivables, and then moved into the control and quality controlling in the markets to furthermore the management role.

3. Did you find things challenging moving through aspects of the business?

Working with a business of this size is a challenge. Every day is a new challenge, you have your good days and bad days, but it means I am learning new things and I leave and go home satisfied that I know I have done my job and surrounded by supportive people.

4. What does the Morco family mean to you?

The Morco family, is my family away from home. With 60 percent of my time being at work surrounded by work colleagues I can called it my second family.

5. Do you have any personal hobbies outside of work?

Love playing golf, bike riding and spending time with my family.

6. Looking back 10 years, what changes have you noticed with the Morco Fresh business?

Heaps! When the business started there was only 6 of us working in operations out of K shed putting orders through, packing trucks and today there is around 65 people working in the Sydney operations team and now being national its growth has been enormous.

7. Is there anything you would have changed with your past experiences within the business?

One thing I would have loved to see change was to have the larger warehouse earlier on as the business needed the facility like this a while ago with defined roles

8. Can you detail a funny memory within your 10 years at Morco Fresh?

There is a lot of memories, one day I had an argument with Nick and now I look back and laugh at the argument because it was a silly argument. But every day is fun working and laughing within the workplace with colleagues.

9. Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

I still see myself with Morco Fresh for the next ten years because I love the place, love the people and love what I do every day. I’m looking forward to evolving with Morco and would love to be here until I retire.

10. If you could describe Morco in three words, what would they be?

Paul, Steve & Trust

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