Superloop Adelaide 500

February 24, 2020

The Superloop Adelaide 500 is Australia’s largest domestic motorsport event and widely regarded as one of the best touring car races in the world. Alongside the racetrack talent, the exceptional hospitality brings the high-energy atmosphere together with the premium level experience on offer!

Deliveries spreading across 6 days with 2 trucks on continual deliveries, produce was flowing fresh out of the Morco fresh warehouse into the culinary kitchens, in preparation for this fantastic event.

Morco fresh were honoured to be apart of this racing spectacular working closely with the creativity at Gema group in delivering a quality catering experience ensuring produce was delivered fresh & efficiently. Marked as one of the biggest catering events on the Gema Calendar, the Superloop Adelaide 500 is a historic racing event, producing itself to be bigger and better every year.

Fresh produce arranged on a table


Greenie in a bottle

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