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July 7, 2018

A member of the cabbage family, originating in Italy the name Broccoli came from the word ‘’Broccolo’’ meaning the flowering top of a cabbage. With numerous ways to cook and prepare this vegetable, Broccoli Is seen to be a popular item on the market.


Seasonality | Why it’s a good time of year?

Available all year round, broccoli is in its peak season from May – August. With temperate growing conditions in Southern Queensland we see excellent quality and high yields over this winter period


Taste | Flavour and cooking options

It can be sweet and nutty when lightly steamed, roasted, pan fried or even munched on raw.

Roasting broccoli has recently become a new trend, providing a caramelly goodness of slow cooked sautéed florets giving them a crispy texture when tossed with olive oil and salt. Being diverse, this vegetable can be eaten hold or cold delivering a delicious flavour however it is prepared


Region | Where is it Coming from?

Werribee | Victoria

Gatton | Queensland

Stanthorpe | Queensland

Cranbourne | Victoria

King Lake | Victoria

Gingin | Western Australia


Health Benefits  

Loaded in Vitamin C and Vitamin A, broccoli promotes healthy eating whilst still delivering a delicious flavour. Broccoli is also known to improve bone health, just one cup of chopped broccoli provides 92 micrograms of Vitamin K. Consuming an adequate amount of Vitamin K improves bone health by assisting in enhancing calcium absorption.

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