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Imperial Mandarins

April 9, 2019

Kicking off Autumn, we see Australian Imperial Mandarins out on the market floor. Growing from a small citrus tree round and varying in shape and size they can be round to ovate. With a golden orange, pebbled easy to peel skin, be sure to get your hands on these beautiful new season imperials in the month of April

Seasonality | Why it’s a good time of year?

With the Queensland season kicking off in April, produce is readily available peaking in quality and availability. Favourable growing conditions over the Summer period has resulted in fresh & juicy stock available

Taste | Flavour and cooking options

Sweet, juicy and fragrant imperial mandarins can be enjoyed beautifully fresh being the perfect snack on the go. Beautifully paired in salads, crumbles, tarts and even crepes, mandarins have a range of culinary uses and are a simple burst of deliciousness whichever way it is applied.

Region | Where is it Coming from?

Gayndah | Queensland

Health Benefits  

Loaded in health benefits not only can you enjoy the sweet delicious flavour from a mandarin you are benefiting your overall health. A healthy immune system is key in any stage of life, with the presence of high levels of Vitamin C, mandarins contain antimicrobial properties which help prevent viral and bacterial infections. With multiple skin benefits, aiding in healthy Cholesterol and blood pressure it is safe to say that Mandarins are a great healthy snack for all ages!

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