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Rainbow Chard

April 9, 2019

A multi coloured leafy relative of the beetroot family, the rainbow chard looks like a beetroot minus the root. Unlike traditional beets, which produce finger staining roots, chard produces large tender leaves and super crunchy stalks. Originating in the Mediterranean, chard has been around for thousands of years. These plants are also often referred to as Swiss Chard due to the extensive cultivation there, appearing in many different colours including white, yellow, red and pink stems.

Seasonality | Why it’s a good time of year?

Peaking in season from Autumn and Winter we see rainbow chard quality peaking. With all local growing regions in production the market is flooded with beautiful, bright stock containing succulent leaves and sitting at a good market price.

Taste | Flavour and cooking options

Healthy and delicious, now that’s the package! Young rainbow chard leaves and be eaten raw or even tossed throughout a salad, with older leaves sweetened by steaming to enhance the aroma and flavours. Appealing to the eye, the vibrant stems add character and flavour to any dish. It is great sautéed, stir-fried or simply prepared and served with goats’ cheese… delicious

Region | Where is it Coming from?

Peats Ridge | New South Wales

Hoxton Park | New South Wales

Cranbourne | Victoria

Meadow Hills | Victoria

Pearcedale | Victoria

Stanthorpe | Queensland

Bowen | Queensland

Toowoomba | Queensland

Health Benefits  

Rich in Vitamin K, rainbow chard offers high nutritional value. One 150g serve of rainbow chard offers six times your daily requirement of Vitamin K, aiding in bone health and heart health preventing risks of heart disease and blood clotting. Vitamin K activates a protein that aids in preventing calcium from depositing in your arteries. With high levels of fibre, magnesium and B6, it is evident that Rainbow chard is an all-round superfood when it comes to its nutritional value in the market.

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